MG-34 80% Receiver

The Philadelphia Ordnance MG-34 matches the quality, fit and finish of an original receiver. It is machined from a solid bar of 4140 steel.

The Philadelphia Ordnance MG-34 receiver has the following features:

  •  100% machined exterior, all contours and surfaces fully machined
  • Accepts original W.W.II MG-34 parts
  • Barrel jacket fits on hinge pin, rotates, and locks like original
  • Barrel can be removed/installed
  • Feed tray snaps into place
  • Cover assembly attaches using original spring loaded hinge pin
  • Buttstock/buffer assembly attaches with interrupted thread like original, locks with original catch
  • Cocking handle slides in track and interlocks with barrel jacket
  • Trigger frame assembly attaches with original pins
  • Safety fits, rotates, and locks trigger like original
  • Ejection port cover fits and snaps open when trigger is pulled

Price: $1,745
Add $30 for military blue finish

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