Browning Automatic Rifle
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Browning Automatic Rifle

The BAR is another firearm from the era of "craftsman" quality factory production.

First designed and made before the advent of high alloy steels the BAR has a distinctive heavy duty appearance. The BAR never seemed to win any shoot-offs, torture  tests, or similar competitions. It is too heavy to be an assault rifle, and too light, (without a quick change barrel) to be a light machine gun. But if you think back to W.W.I when it was first introduced, there was no other gun like it, and it caused a sensation. Light when compared to the Lewis, handy with true quick change magazines - unlike the ponderous Lewis drum, or the awkward banana magazine of the Chauchat, the BAR would fire 20 rounds in a couple of seconds, be instantly reloaded and could be carried, pointed and fired like a rifle by one man. The BAR was so strong and reliable, that through over 30 years of production and three wars it never succumbed to the shortcuts or tinkering applied to other firearms. The BAR was also made in Europe (FN and Poland) and the BAR action is used, virtually without modification, in the current FN MAG machine gun - quite a resume. As with most other guns that we work with the BAR has a huge following due to its use through W.W.II, Korea, and Vietnam, and its stardom in many war movies and TV shows.

The "American" editions of the BAR are the M1918, M1918A1, Colt Monitor/R75, and the M1918A2.

The M1918 BAR is the original model which has no bipod, is selective fire, has a large, checkered forend, plain buttplate, and thin tube style flash hider.

The M1918A1 is extremely rare, prominent characteristic being a large spiked bipod at the front of the forend.

The Colt Monitor and R75 are Commercial Police-type models with finned barrels and spiked foot bipods in front of the forend.

The M1918A2 is the most common model. This was the BAR as used in W.W.II, Korea, and Vietnam. This has the flat foot bipod attached to a flash hider at the end of the barrel, a mechanical rate-of-fire reducer built into the buffer assembly, a shoulder rest on the buttplate, a smaller forend, and magazine guards on the sides of the trigger housing.

Our BAR 80% machine receiver will accept parts from all these models.

Features of Phila. Ordnance 80% Machined BAR Receiver
  • Machined from 8620 solid steel plate (same alloy as original Garand and M-14 receivers)
  • 100% machined exterior, all contours and surfaces fully machined
  • Accepts original M1918, M1918A1, M1918A2, Colt Monitor and R75 parts-Threaded for barrel
  • Threaded for buffer allows attaching of buffer and stock assemblies
  • Machined for gas cylinder tube, retaining pin locks in receiver like original
  • Machined for cocking handle
  • Machined for trigger housing, retaining pin locks in receiver like original
  • Bolt fits inside receiver along axis of bore
  • Magazine fits
  • Ejection port machined
  • Rear sight dovetail machined
  • Engraved with "FAS" marking for selector
  • Drawings included
  • Price: $495.00 add $30.00 for Military Blue or $30.00 for Parkerized finish
  • add freight and insurance

Special Note on FN Type D BAR

The FN Type D BAR as made by Fabrique Nationale, while mechanically similar is a completely different gun than the American BAR and FN D parts do not fit, and cannot be made to fit this receiver. The FN D has major differences - it has a quick change barrel like a BREN gun (as opposed to a permanent screw in barrel) and the buttstock assembly is hinged to the receiver and swings down without detaching to field strip (unlike fixed stock of American BAR) At this time we do not offer an FN D receiver.

Note on BAR 80% receiver:

It is not legal to finish this receiver into a machine gun without the proper license. You can make a non-firearm (DEWAT, blank gun). You do not need to be a licensed manufacturer to make a legal type (semi-auto, single shot) firearm for your own use as long as it is not for resale. Many people use this receiver to make a semi-auto as this receiver is made from gun quality 8620 steel. Contact ATF for guidelines on the manufacture of legal semi-auto rifles or blank fining devices.