Blank Firing Barrel For Semi-Auto Thompson 





Finned Pattern Barrel

  • Compensator with sight bored for adaptors: $150

Philadelphia Ordnance can supply an ATF approved blank firing 10 1/2" barrel for your semi-auto Thompson. This barrel will make your Thompson look like an original military Thompson — but there is no Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) paperwork or tax required. When this blank firing only barrel is fitted to your gun it is still a firearm, but it is not considered to be an SBR.

  • The Phila Ord barrel is precision machined from 12L14 steel and has front muzzle blast – not sideblast.
  • Blank adaptors can be removed and the bores checked and cleaned thru to the chamber.
  • To fit the Phila Ord barrel you remove the old barrel and screw on the Phila Ord barrel as you would any normal barrel change.
  • Suppled with adaptors, instructions, and copy of ATF letter stating that the barrel is legal (non-SBR) when fitted to your rifle.


  • M1 Smooth pattern barrel: $345
    MINT G.I. front sight: $35
  • M1928A1 Finned pattern barrel: $395
    Compensator with sight bored for adaptors: $150

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Smooth Pattern Barrel

  • MINT G.I. front sight: $35