M1918, M1918A2 BAR Museum Quality Display Receiver

The Philadelphia Ordnance museum quality display receiver is precision machined from a block of 4140 steel. This receiver will accept all American model parts - M1918, M1918A2, R75, etc. It will NOT accept European parts such as Polish, Swedish, FN D, etc.

Philadelphia Ordnance BAR receivers feature the following:

  • machined from a solid block of 4140 steel
  • all external contouring and corner rounds
  • threaded for barrel
  • threaded for buffer tube
  • slotted for gas cylinder tube
  • machined for cocking handle
  • machined to accept tigger housing, bolt, and magazine
  • ejection port
  • dovetail for mounting rear sight
  • FAS marking on left rear of receiver
  • accept original gas tube and trigger housing locking pins
  • ATF approved non-firearm order direct.

Price: $1095
Add $30 for military blue finish or parkerized finish

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Military blue or parkerized finish: $30