M1921/M1928/M1928A1 and M1/M1A1 Museum Quality Display Receiver

Philadelphia Ordnance is the standard of excellence for museum quality display receiver for the M1921, M1928, M1928A1, M1 and M1A1. Please note that the M1921, M1928, and M1928A1 all use an identical receiver. The only difference is the quality of the finish, the parts which are fitted to the receiver, and the engraving. Dimensionally they are all the same. Likewise, the M1 and M1A1 use the same receiver.

Philadelphia Ordnance M1921/28/28A1/M1/M1A1 museum quality display receivers feature the following:

  • machined from stress relieved 4140 steel
  • precision Blanchard ground surfaces
  • all external contouring and corner rounding
  • threaded for barrel
  • slotted for grip mount
  • ejection port fully machined
  • magazine cutout with drum slots (drums slots 21/28 only)
  • 17 degree flat with properly timed thread for ejector (21/28 only)
  • actuator slot machined 0.100" deep (21/28 only)
  • cocking handle slot machined 0.100" deep (M1/M1A1 only)
  • threaded rear sight mounting holes with screws
  • buffer pilot holes and trigger frame latch hole
  • trigger frame mounting rails
  • sear and buffer pilot relief cuts
  • feed ramp fully machined
  • extractor slot cut front of ejection port only
  • front of pocket rough machined with breech entry fillet
  • We can do angle cuts for bronze lock and breech entry fillet
  • on registered receivers for Class 2 only.
  • ATF approved non-firearm order direct.

Price for receiver as above: $555
Add $30 for military blue finish (as seen in photos)

Engraving packages for receivers:

M1921 Colt engraving both sides and top: $195
M1928A1 Engraving both sides and top: $130 (includes patent number block)
M1/M1A1 engraving both sides and top: $85

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Military blue finish: $30

Engraving packages: includes both sides and top
M1921 Colt: $195
M1928A1: $130
M1/M1A1: $85