Swedish K/Carl Gustaf M45 Museum Quality Display Receiver

The Philadelphia Ordnance Swedish K receiver is made from a 1026 DOM steel tube, and two lower housings machined from 1018 steel. It will accept Swedish K/Carl Gustaf M45 and EgyptianPort Said parts.

The Philadelphia Ordnance Swedish K receiver has the following features:

  • The upper receiver tube is the correct inside diameter for the bolt and the receiver extension.
  • The rear of the receiver tube has the slots to interlock with the end cap.
  • The front of the receiver has the hole for the barrel jacket locking ratchet.
  • The front housing has the guideway for the magazine machined and has the hole for the "U" clip which holds the removeable magazine housing. All rivet holes are drilled.
  • The rear housing is machined for the mag catch assembly, has a slot for the trigger, and has a long slot at the back for the tang of the buttstock. It has all rivet holes and the hole for the "U" clip.
  • The lower housings are attached to the tube with steel machine screws and can be removed and reattached and be in the correct position.
  • The tube does not have any ports or slots but included are engineering drawings for these features.
  • ATF non-firearm can be ordered direct.

Price: $365

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