M1A1 Submachine gun full auto blank gun BFONG

New from Phila Ordnance. All-machined steel Full Auto blank gun BFONG. Gun strength and gun quality. Exact copy of an original M1A1 submachine gun, using many original parts and using original magaznines. Uses special .45 blanks which provide correct sound and rate of fire. Safe. The gun cannot chamber or fire .45 ACP ball ammo. Feeds, fires, and ejects brass crimp blanks.
NO paperwork. NO ATF. NO FFL. Ships direct to you.

For Battle Re-enactors

Now you can have an all machined steel full auto M1A1 submachine gun BFONG without the expense of an original gun and with no need to do paperwork to take your gun to events.

For Collectors

The Philadelphia Ordnance gun now allows you to have a museum quality gun for your collection without the $20K expense and ATF transfer. And you can shoot it full auto with blanks!


Is this gun really in production?
Yes, we have been making and shipping guns and blanks for over a year.

Is this a conversion of a toy pellet firing gun?
NO. The gun is manufactured from scratch on the same production line as real, shooting M1A1 sunmachine guns.It is as strong and sturdy as an original gun and can be dropped or receive rough handling as would be normalin combat.

Can I really get this shipped directly to me?
YES. The Phila Ordnance blank gun is not a firearm and is not regulated by ATF. However, there may be state or local laws that do not allow blank guns and we cannot ship to those places. Anyone can pick up a gun at our shop.

Does the gun use original magazines?
YES. Note that high capacity magazine rules apply.

Why can't I use standard blanks?
For safety reasons the gun must not chamber standard ammo. Standard blanks are far too powerful and would damage the gun. The patented design of the Phila Ord gun provides the exact sound (123 Db) and rate of fire as an original gun while using less than half the powder of a standard .45 ACP blank.

How do I order?
Click here and provide your name, address, phone nuber and email. We will put you on the list and contact you when we can ship you a gun. At that time we will complete the order. No deposit is required.

Blank Gun


Blanks are 50 cents each and are packed in 200 round boxes.