MG-42 Museum Quality Display Receiver

The Philadelphia Ordnance MG-42 receiver exactly duplicates an original receiver while being machined from a solid bar. The receiver is designed to plug into the barrel jacket and welded, the joint being covered by the bolt cam bracket.

The Philadelphia Ordnance MG-42 receiver has the following features:

  • Fully machined and contoured from a solid steel bar.
  • Receiver attaches to barrel jacket under trunnion/bolt cam bracket so joint is not visible.
  • Buttstock/buffer assembly attaches and removes 1/4 turn like original. Recoil shoulders are machined directly into receiver so welding in shoulder inserts is not required.
  • Cocking handle fits in track
  • Trigger housing attaches like original.
  • Ejection port cover fits
  • Top cover and feed tray attach like original.
  • Barrel change lever functions with original trunnion
  • NOTE - mounting bracket for trigger housing is in photos but
    is NOT included. Use the bracket from your parts set.

Price: $995
Add $30 for military blue finish

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Military blue finish: $30